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Here at El Indio Torterllia, we have been proudly serving our community and businesses since 1948. We provide services to the resturants with the most fresh and quality food products. We also serving our communiy with fresh mexican dishes with catering services.

Restaurant Menu

Our homemade dishes made from the fresh ingredients and our love of putting a happy smile on your and your family face. Creating those happy memories that all families need.

Wholesale Services

Our wholesale division provides the top qaulity all business expect for their resturant and customers. Allow us to provide you the highest quality and services for your business needs.

Special Events & Catering

We provide catering services for that special event any size and needs that make your event that special and memorable event. Call us today for all your needs and requirements.

History of El Indio

Mr. and Mrs. Humberto and Graciela Sanchez are the current proprietors of El Indio Tortilleria Inc. They came to this country in 1971 (respectively) and worked very hard throughout that initial year. It was a difficult transition for many reasons one being that they were both Lawyers in their country of Morelia, Michoacán which is located in the central region of Mexico. It was like starting all over for them, but they have always met challenges head on. It was around 1972 that Mr. Sanchez found an employment with the original owners of this establishment, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar and Irene Romos, and began that new journey. Mr. Romos, after having served in WW II, established El Indio Tortilleria in 1948 and for several decades, through hard work, was able to root the company into a small but growing industry. By 1979, Romo/Sanchez had integrated some good ideas to lift the overall prestige of the company, however, it took a great deal of hard work and sacrifice to obtain the success that eventually came.

From 1979-1985 Sanchez/Romo were able to consolidate such a great working relationship that it eventually led to Mr. Sanchez in becoming the sole proprietor of El Indio Tortilleria Inc in 1985. It had always been Mrs. Sanchez's idea to bring the Company location to Orange County and specifically to Santa Ana; so, 2001 it was moved from Los Angeles and relocated to Orange County where it has thrived for the last 10 years. Success hasn't come easy for Mr. Sanchez, but his perseverance and belief in quality of product and service have proven to be an effective formula for his achievement.

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